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Your journey to luxury and comfort begin the moment you step into Sahara Tanning Resort and Spa. Our goal is to provide you with the best tanning experience and a sanctuary from your daily routine so you can relax and enjoy our impeccable amenities. We believe that looking your best begin with feeling your best.

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Sahara Tanning Resort and Spa has been designed to be a destination where luxury and comfort go hand in hand. Begin your journey to a new, beautiful and sexy you.

One of the reasons why you will love this tanning solution is the element of time. It is not only safe, it takes less time and actually results in less exposure all the while delivering great results. It is designed to filter out most UVB light, letting in just enough to get the tanning job done. The result is a greater ratio of UVA light, which allows your skin to stay moisturized and your tan to last longer. Research also supports the fact that high-pressure systems provide deeper, darker and longer-lasting tan. The most important part of a tan is that you look like you have sexy skin ... this method makes that a reality.
If you demand perfection, the ultra-bed is the perfect choice. It is designed to use reflector technology combining top of the line Ultra Performance and high-pressure facial technology. This tanning solution also boasts separate shoulder tanners taking tanning to the next level.
Generously equipped with 56 Turbo power 200-220 watt UV lamps, over 8 feet of pro Performance, this bed is designed for the active person in mind providing quick maximum exposure, ensuring total body coverage, while keeping you comfortable with turbo Silent Cooling ventilation system. Even the tallest client can get an evenly balanced tan from head to toe.
Instant Tan, powered by Mystic Tan, mists your body with our Premium ORGANIC Solution, moisturizers and ORGANIC DHA for a smooth, natural-looking, beautiful tan. The aromatherapy and mist make you feel like you’re on a vacation in the Caribbean. It is especially convenient for people that don’t have time to spend hours tanning and who want instant results or cautious of UV rays but want a nice, natural looking glow. If you have trouble tanning, this ORGANIC UV-Free solution is right for you. Experience a perfectly uniform, natural-looking tan in less than 60 seconds!


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Over the last years, we have established ourselves as not just your average tanning salon. We stepped up our game and created a sanctuary where luxury and comfort go hand in hand. The moment you set foot inside, you begin your journey to a new, beautiful and sexy you.

We have redefined the tanning experience with our cutting edge indoor tanning systems designed to give your skin a natural, long lasting tan in just minutes. We have set the highest standards in customer service with highly trained staff that actually cares about your needs, making YOU our top priority. Offering personalized tan plans based on your skin type, tanning goals and budget ensuring perfect tanning results. We provide you with the best. And with Sahara Tanning Resort, the best is your only option.

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